After the ZOS mainnet is launched, users participating in the IDO can convert ZOSIDO to ZOS token at the ratio of 1:1 by transfer ZOSIDO to the official address of the ZOS wallet. The token will be locked for 90 days when the conversion is successful. First 20% will be released on the 91st day and then 20% of the initial amount is unlocked every other 30 days, so that the total unlock time-frame is 5 months.


Zeus Chain Zeus Operating System (abbreviated as ZOS) is a metaverse public blockchain which created by a distributed geek group and breaking the limitation that traditional public blockchain's smart contract code programs cannot carry large-scale interactive games and a large number of ecological applications.

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The ZOS team pioneered the first spiral infrastructure soft upgrade mode. On this basis, it uses Hyper Threading Technology to deepen the directed acyclic structure to help the establishment of advanced node systems, and can be achieved blocktime in 2 seconds to carry the huge DApp ecosystem in the future.

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ZOS is to create a more easily expandable high-performance application-level public blockchain to achieve intelligence and efficiency

The Force Sidechain Architecture

ZOS 2.0 version launch with "The Force" sidechain. It adopts a celular system architecture with multi-dimensional software and hardware integration such as mobile phone miners(workerbees), box terminal miners(validators), AISC miners(guards), and super node miners(queenbees).

Storage Solution

ZOS supports the use of a decentralized dust storage solution on the sidechain, through private key encryption and efficient transmission of random distributed lightning nodes, to provide DApp ecological developers and users with financial-level security guarantees.

Point-to-Point IPv6 System

The multi-dimensional software and hardware integration architecture at the bottom of ZOS constitutes a point-to-point IPv6 system covering the world. A large number of terminals form a node group and continue to contribute storage capacity. Effectively solve the problem of transaction network congestion at the transmission layer, while ensuring safety. Achieve performance improvement and all things are interelated.

Anti-quantum Security

ZOS is based on the advanced anti-quantum concept, in order to avoid the wich risk of atacks that may be brought by quantum computing in the future, break through the fragility bottleneck of the blockchain in the quantum era, and create a security system that can also be carried in the quantum era for a long time.

Bandwidth Aggregation Technology

Z-CDN node aggregation technology promotes bandwidth acceleration.

Roadmap to Success

Our Fantastic Journey

June, 2018Project Initiated
February, 2019ZOS Hyper-Threading Technology Beta Version Design
June, 2019ZOS library protocol call and compilation test
January, 2020Bandwidth Aggregation Technology Test
May, 2020ZOS Beta version verified the spiral bottom model
October, 2020Z-Smart inteligent cross-chain bridge test
April, 2021ZOS 1.0 sidechain structure and storage test
June, 2021ZOS sidechain IPv6 Transmision layer compression test
October, 2021ZOS whitepaper released
January, 2022ZOS mainnet is online

IDO and Token Distribution

The total number of ZOS tokens is 1 bilion, 80% of which is mined and 20% is used for distribution

Name: ZOS Token
Redemption: Cross Chain
Platform: Ethereum
API: Available